Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enough With the Pig and Alien Already

An anonymous reviewer had this to say about Knife Lake on

"Who in their right mind would buy this terrible crock of @#$% obviously i was one of the unlucky ones that did a horrible attemp at horror in the vein of edward lee and jack ketchum who are two splatter authors who are actually GOOD at what they do if ur gonna copy someone copy the best i guess at least they coulda made the pig and alien work"

He's entitled to his opinion and atrocious grammar. However, my "attemp at horror" did NOT CONTAIN A PIG OR AN ALIEN! No pigs! No aliens! Why have two reviewers complained about the fucking nonexistent pig and alien?

Conversely, here's a good review:

"I found it hard to put down and wanted to finish this book. It is a little hard to read but once you get past the choppy language (if you can) it really does move along. There are a couple of places where the author confuses characters but again, if you don't get caught up in that you will enjoy the book. Yes, there is quite a bit of language and some instances of rather vivid descriptions of both the male and female anatomy but a good book if the horror/thriller genre is what you like."

Very fair. The language is choppy -- KL was my first book and not professionally edited. Lesson learned. I'm glad this reviewer had some constructive things to say.