Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Secret Infidelity: Basement Power Spank Fetish with Mega-MILF

Enjoys hot wax, foot worship, tickle torture

Damn, Smashwords! How much erotica do you publish?

Every day there are at least five new titles, most of them written by women. I guess there are a lot of repressed librarians finding an outlet for their dormant yet smoldering sensuality.

Living in one of the most oversexed cities in the world, I find myself drawn away from erotica. It's just not that exciting to me anymore. In my books, as a few friends have pointed out, there's no sex. One of my woman (womyn--she insists) friends called Knife Lake 'icky and misogynist.' I think she's full of shit, but I'll leave readers to decide that for themselves.

My next book is a response to the thinly-veiled man-hatred that passes for contemporary feminism, at least as practiced by some of the cawing harpies that roost here. The title Meat Men seemed appropriate, although through the magic of Google I found out that it's also the name of a punk band—hope the boys don't mind sharing.

And, to my darling woman fellow-humans: I love all of you. And by all means, keep writing hot-wax-bitch-latex-slave-foot-fetish-genital-torture-ball-squeezing-whipped-cock-tit-squeeze erotica.

I look forward to snickering at your pseudonyms.

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