Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the Cave

Trapped in the editing cave. Plenty of coffee, Frosted Flakes, and crippling neurotic insecurity to keep me company. 

Still deciding on a title. A friend showed me this title-generation trick: write a bunch of of horror-related words (blood, fear, rage, dead, death, demon, vampire, etc.) and pair them at random. So...Blood Death? Demon Rage? Demon Fear? Dead Rage? Rage Blood Fear Death? 

Hmm. I'll make a bigger list of words–hopefully with some actually relevant to the book–and see what happens. 

Or I could just go surfing. But that would mean neglecting my work...and that would make me a dirty birdie. A. Very. Dirty. Birdie. 


  1. Or you could combine both activities: Bloody Surf...Waves of Death...Oceanic Rage.

  2. Jade's suggestion is valid... :)

  3. @Jade: My entry would be Demon Blood Surf Orgy ('orgy' should be on any list of horror-related words, methinks.)

    @Laura: I actually get some of my best ideas either while surfing or shortly thereafter. Wonder what I'd come up with if I was attacked by a shark?