Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ransackin' o' the Hard Drive

I just found some interesting stories/fragments/75% complete novels on my hard drive. I wrote this stuff over a decade ago. Mostly shit, but hey--I consider it the evidence of a lengthy learning process.

Included in aforementioned shit is a novel titled The Dead...something or other. I think it was originally The Dead Wood, but scrapped that after someone pointed out it sounded like part of an impotence joke.
So it remains the The Dead (something or other), and despite title woes I have high hopes for its eventual publication.

In the meantime, back to edits on Knife Lake. I'd post the cover, but stupid Google blogging software won't let me upload it. The cover's designer, Sam Rippey, who is a monkey but a talented monkey, has had similar problems. So you might not see this effing thing until the book comes out. Thanx, Google!

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